Inside Gupshup

Our take on out life behind and in front of the scenes in TV land in India.

It is not hard for me to comprehend the impact that films, television and books have had on me. They have been my companions, partners and friends for the longest time. I do not know what brought it on but I am glad that it did. My earliest memory of films was in the 80’s. My brothers used to hire out a VCR for a day and rent the VHS tapes, which dad and mum obviously paid for. I don’t remember how often that day came, but we made the most of it. 24 glorious hours of Cowboy movies, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, Hitchcock flicks, Malayalam, Tamil, etc. We all had our pick. A couple of cartoons were thrown in to make me happy, but I loved the movies. From 9am to 9am we watched, lived, ate and slept movies. I loved those days. It was magic and it lasted a long time. Television sent out it’s weekly magic with Gul, Gulshan, Gulfaam (1987)-my 1st view of house boats, Malgudi Days (1986)- Swaaaaaamyyyyyy, Buniyaad (1986), Humlog (1984), Subaah (1987), Tamas (1987), Nukkad (1986-87-loved khopdi-the drunk), DD’s comedy show (1989), Karamchand (1985-89), Chitrahaar, World of sport, Escape From Sobibor (1987-true story of a death-camp in Poland) and many more. I doubt any of us dared to miss even one of these, they were priceless and still are. A treat of television at its best. If I had a time machine, I would go Back to the Future, another favourite film. With Books, I lapped up everything that the school library could offer-Hardy Boys, Smurfs, Noddy, Famous Five and even Nancy Drew. We were allocated 1 book a week. I used to finish it in a day or 2 and then exchange for another with a classmate. Till one day, in 1986-87 or maybe 88, at the school’s annual book sale, I came across the unabridged version of ‘The Last of the Mohicans.’  I picked it up noticing the red indians on the cover.I was infatuated with Red Indians, who wasn’t at that age? Best part is-I still am. The boy in me lives and breathes a well told story. I was awestruck and fell in love with it. The day I completed reading it, I remember thinking to myself that someone should make a movie based on this book, I wanted the images in my head to come to life. Finally, in 1992, the movie was out. I didn’t watch the movie till around 2003-05. Don’t know why but when I did, I was 9 again! Lying in bed, the visuals running through my head, it played out it was...

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