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Discussions based on our extensive experience in Reality Television production in India

Ever wondered what it would be like to direct a sizzling hot reality show? I had an amazing team to work with, a recipe for amazing results. Here is how it went down. With 2 days to roll a fresh face entered the scenario, new to the show, the format, the crew, new to it all. Straight out of Bombay and bang! Straight into the heart of Goa and on to the sets of the ‘Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar 2013’, walked the Director-me, George Varghese. The Setting: Pristine white sand and blue seas at the Zuri White Sands, Varca, Goa. The Cast: 12 hot bikini clad women on a beach. Distractions all around, yet they remained focused on the goal. The Goal: To be the face of the Kingfisher Calendar 2013. The Judges: We had a fabulous pair judging the girls, Sid Mallya and the stunningly beautiful Lisa Haydon. The two of them are made for television. They have their wits about them ensuring there is never a dull moment on screen. Sid Mallya, Photo By: Priya Syriac With 14 absolutely camera friendly faces, what more could a director ask for? The cast was set, the location was apt and it was time to roll. 18 hot, hot, hot September days in Goa, roughly 3 hours of sleep a day for the crew. The girls got a few hours more. But the show had to go on and thats what we did. Day and night we kept at it to bring about an exciting, pulsating reality show. Putting it all together were, The Crew: Following the action were 9 camera units led by DOP Ganesh Sankla, working with his team and him was a dream. You know you are getting everything you want on camera and more, with him leading his troops. The tasks and shoot locations each look fantastic, detailed through the eyes of Art Director Ace: Vinod Guruji, he needs no further introduction. He has been busy displaying his vision in Bollywood for years now. Rallying the troops of middle earth-was the highly energetic, spirited and the person I like to call ‘Superwoman,’ the Producer of Face Entertainment – Monia Saigal Pinto. Maintaining the script and putting her writing skills to the test, while the madness went on about her was the Writer and prompter Ashwini Samant. Never missing a single moment and maintaining their sanity while doing so, guided by the ACD–Priya Syriac(country), were the extremely hardworking reality crew of  Arjun Dixit (fluffy to some) and Anahita Ganguli(psyc), with support from Anthony Nadar, Sandeep and Trisha. By the end of day 1, all of us were tanned, burnt and beyond recognition. While we dealt with...

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