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Photo credit Novita Singh & Advait Shelke This is not an easy place to be, especially if you are passionate, emotionally attached to your work and would love for it to be noticed . Listed are few of the many pointers, that helped channel my sanity for the last 13 years : A) Keep healthy, keep Fit – you wouldn’t be groggy and depend on the coffee or the smokes. B) Don’t get complacent, challenge yourself at every stage. You can only get better at what you don’t know. C) Try different mediums, learn all facets of the work you are involved with. The biggest channels and production houses, shut shop without much notice (recent example of the television channel, Imagine). Any company on the look out, would likely hire a multi talented individual. D) Let go of the EGO – just let ‘E’ GO. E) Keep positive, no matter what the outcome is. F) Don’t blame your team-their output is a direct result of your leadership. G) What you have or don’t is a result of your own doing. H) There is no such thing as a ‘stinker’ or a ‘stinker mail,’ there is just feedback and it is either positive or negative. I) There never was, is or ever will be a Panic button! There sure is a nuke button but that is not in our hands. So 😛 J) Problems require solutions, not more problems. K) If you messed up take the blame, don’t look for a fall guy. L) Don’t take incidents personally and don’t use Facebook (grrrr..) as an outlet for your emotions-‘everybody’ is reading it. Remember you are not heading a revolution. This pointer is from personal experience. Again 😛 M) We all (most of us :)) have worked on no budget shows and on good budget shows. In a no budget show, you make the best of what is there. In a good budget show-be glad it is not a no budget show. Once more, personal experience 😛 N) Most importantly, follow your passion. Figure out the reason you chose to be here in the 1st place. Are you doing it? I’d strongly recommend ‘you’ find the love again. O) Make time for yourself, take a break, life and work needs to be absolutely disconnected. You really wont remember the high points of your career, on your deathbed. But you would see beautiful places, amazing moments and the loving people you met while you were exploring life. Well thats just my take on it. A line that I remember vaguely, from Atlas Shrugged, dedicated to all those who feel that the work place can’t function without them present. Read something like this : If...

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